Container transportation

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The main activity of our company is cargo’s transportation from China.

Import Line Co. Ltd. offers the full range of goods delivery services  from any place all over the world to any region of Russia, and backward. We are working according the following scheme: delivery from the supplier’s door to the door of the customer, using rail, sea, road and air transport.

 The presence of the network of agents in the main directions in Russia and also in other countries (ports, railway stations, terminals), close cooperation with the leading international transport companies, sea lines, large experience in organizing international freight transportation, all this, allow us to organize personal service for each client .


Maritime shipping

Nowadays, maritime shipping is used in both domestic and international directions.

Our international shipping destinations include all important ports in all regions all over the world. We offer delivery of goods according the most popular routes from the ports of China, Korea, the US ports, South America, Europe to any port of the Russian Federation with complete safety guarantee.


Railroad freight transportation

Import Line Co. Ltd. carries out container’s railway transportation along the territory of Russia, China, and Mongolia.

We offer you container transportation services in the optimal terms and beneficial rate scale.

Our company carries out railroad freight activity, as the separate service or as a part of the complex service according to the client’s request.

We can provide not only containers railway transportation, but also goods wagons. We organize wagons railway transportation in the territory of Russia, of the CIS and not only that.

We can arrange the transportation of the following types of wagons:

  •  Open railroad freight car which are used to deliver a wide range of goods that are not particularly affected by atmospheric phenomena like: metal products, coal, ore, timber, etc.;
  • Covered wagons, this is a universal method of transportation with protection of  the cargo from the external environment;
  • Platforms which are used for transportation of machinery, containers, rolled steel. Powerful multi-axle conveyor platforms are used to deliver heavy oversized products weighing up to 450 tons;
  • Refrigerators intended for the transportation of short lived commodities and goods requiring compliance with the temperature mode.


Air transportation:

If you need urgent goods delivery from China - air transportation is the best way.

  Our company provides air transportation services for various cargo’s dimensions and weights. We guarantee their integrity and the necessary storage conditions during delivery. Transportation conditions for the each specific cargo are negotiated in the individual way.


Truck hauling

Transportation by truck is the fastest delivery way relative to transportation by rail or sea, but possibly more expensive. Trucking is often used in cases where the deadline is critical or when client do not want or unable to use railway containers.

Import Line Co. Ltd. specializes in transportation from Manchuria to any point in Russia and also organizes trucking around the world. To calculate the auto delivery cost, it is necessary to provide us the following information about the cargo: number of places, dimensions, cargo’s weight (gross, net), cargo’s volume.

We will organize high quality and fast delivery for you!

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We will tell you in detail about our services, plan any transportation for You, calculate the cost and prepare an individual offer!
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