About us

Import Line Co. Ltd., is a young Company, but specialists, who work in the Company have long time experience in FEA. The main activity is international shipping all over the world.

 And our main specialization is import and export from China. Russian entrepreneurs are attracted by products from China. Many Chinese products have beneficial prices, and many are not produced in Russia at all. A lot of experience has been gained due to constant work with this country. We offer a full range of FEA services in China, from searching suppliers, exchanging samples of products up to orders and delivering goods to your warehouse to any city in Russia. We search for manufacturers and monitor prices for free. We communicate with the Chinese representatives on Chinese, so language misunderstanding is excluded. We have reliable, time-tested partners in China. Before concluding a contract with a new Chinese company, we perform audit and negotiations with the head of the counterparty. Most often this happens in the presence of a representative of a Russian customer. “Face to face” communication with the Chinese side, especially in Chinese, allows to achieve more loyal terms of the transaction.

We pay special attention to logistics and customs clearance. We cooperate with the largest shipping lines, such as  FESСO, CMA, MSC etc., we work directly with Russian Railways and with carriers. Due to well-established schemes, time of delivery and transportation prices are very low. All cargoes are insured against possible risks of damage and loss.

 In order to exclude all kinds of risks, delays, customs clearance fines, we pay customs duties in advance and prepare all the documents, coordinate our actions with a brokerage firm. Therefore, customs clearance is very fast. If necessary, we can organize products certification according to the requirements of the EAC, so, we prepare documents and provide them with samples to the appropriate certification laboratories, which conduct tests and then issue a certificate. Nowadays, the requirements, terms and prices of certification have increased significantly, please pay attention to that fact.

There are both large companies and individual entrepreneurs among our Russian customers. We conclude an ordinary Agreement with Russian customers with payment in rubles, and we undertake the foreign economic part of the transaction.


 We will be glad to see you as our customer and help you to establish business with China!

 We will answer all your questions!